Terms and Conditions



Union Home was created to help small to midsize independent furniture retailers, interior designers and the hospitality industry compete with large national chains and online retailers. Our strength is based upon 25 years of experience as a private label, solid wood OEM manufacturer who has been supplying large retailers throughout the world. We specialize in producing furniture made of local and imported hardwoods, using modern machinery while maintaining the use of traditional techniques and a variety of mixed materials. Most of our designs are 100% original and are exclusive to Union Home. We strive to provide you and your clients with timeless, livable and high quality furniture backed by our committed customer service team. We appreciate your partnership and we look forward to working with you.



Stocking Dealer

Union Home requires an opening order of $3,000, with an annual spend requirement of $10,000 to maintain stocking dealer pricing. A Stocking Dealer must own a minimum of one brick and mortar retail location and must consistently show Union Home product on their floors. We do not have reorder minimums though it is important to note that, in order to hit freight minimums, it is usually most cost effective to ship $1,500 in value at a time.

Stocking Dealers who are unable to meet our minimum annual spend may lose their Stocking Dealer pricing, but are still able to purchase at Designer pricing. We will always provide you with notice of the change in price tier, and offer the opportunity to meet your commitment.

Accounts that are inactive for a period of 12 months will be required to reopen their account with an opening order of $3,000.

Interior Designers

We do not require an opening or reorder minimum from Interior Designers, though we do have a specific and highly competitive price tier available to them. As with Stocking Dealers, it is best to ship goods to the value of $1,500 per shipment.


Both Stocking Dealers and Interior Designers will need to provide a valid resale certificate to open an account. Stocking Dealers will need to provide a valid business address for their brick and mortar location. This information will be required at the time of opening your account or with your first order. We are unable to ship without this information.


There are multiple ways to place your order with Union Home. You can place your order through your Sales Representative, via your online account at www.unionhomefurniture.com, email a purchase order to sales@unionhomefurniture.com, or fax an order to 847-556-0938. We are not able to take verbal orders over the telephone.

Please note that our staff will enter the order based upon the SKU number and not the description and thus we cannot be responsible for discrepancies between SKU numbers and descriptions on your purchase orders. It is essential to double check your order confirmation and communicate any changes immediately.


Union Home prides itself on its ability to ship promptly and it is rare that an item is out of stock for more than 8 weeks. Should an item be backordered, we will provide an ETA with the order confirmation, giving the customer the opportunity to cancel and reselect.

When a backordered item arrives, the customer will be contacted and the item will be shipped. We will provide a freight quote and advise the customer of the value of items required to hit the freight minimum.


Revisions to orders placed should be made within 24 hours of receipt of your order confirmation.

An order placed with Union Home is considered to be a firm commitment to purchase. If a situation arises where an order or item needs to be cancelled, requests must be made in writing to sales@unionhomefurniture.com. No orders will be considered cancelled without written confirmation from Union Home.

If a cancellation is approved and the order is ready to ship, a restocking fee of 25% will be levied. If an order has already shipped and a cancellation is made, a restocking fee of 30% plus all freight charges will be billed.



Credit Card – Union Home accepts all major credit cards. In order for a credit card to be used, a Credit Card Authorization Form must be completed and signed by the official card holder. We are able to hold credit cards on file for a limited period and will seek permission for their future use. We are not able to accept credit cards from third parties under any circumstances, this would include, but is not limited to, the customers of Interior Designers.

Check – Union Home accepts both prepayments and the payment of net 30 invoices with a check. A fee of $35.00 will be charged on all returned checks.

ACH and EFT Payments – ACH transactions are accepted without additional fees. EFTs (Electronic Fund Transactions) in U.S. dollars are accepted from U.S. and Canadian customers and are subject to a $25.00 bank fee. International wire transfers are subject up to a $50 bank fee.


Union Home may extend Net 30 terms to qualified applicants once the Opening Order has been paid in full and shipped. We offer credit lines based upon Lyons scores, credit references and also based upon the customer’s willingness to pay within agreed terms.

To apply for terms, customers must complete a Union Home credit application form which is available from their Sales Representative, or from hello@unionhomefurniture.com. Customers must retain a credit card on file, which will be charged automatically if timely payment is not made.

Late payments are subject to 1.5% finance charge per month plus all collection fees. Accounts with terms who regularly pay beyond their agreed terms will have their credit limit reduced or be transferred back to a proforma account. Under no circumstances will Union Home ship to accounts that are delinquent. In addition, delinquent accounts may have their in-house orders cancelled or put on hold, thus losing their position in line for incoming items.

Invoices are issued no later than 24 hours after a shipment has left our facility. Invoices are due 30 days from the date of invoice. Delays in delivery do not affect payment due dates.


Union Home’s pricing is FOB our distribution center, unless direct containers are purchased.
We are committed to offering the best quality product at the most competitive pricing in the industry but, as with all businesses, there will be instances where pricing has to be increased. We reserve the right to increase our prices without notice. Our website will always reflect the most up-to-date pricing. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that any price shown on their websites reflects our current pricing.



Unless a specific agreement is made in writing, only customers with brick and mortar locations who continuously show our products on their floors may offer our products online. This policy also includes selling to another party who advertises or otherwise promotes Union Home’s products over the internet.


Our IMAP pricing policy is set at 2.2 x Stocking Dealer pricing, which allows brick and mortar retailers to compete fairly with each other and cover freight costs.

There may be periods where we allow dealers to offer certain items at special prices below our standard IMAP price. These offers will be open to all dealers, and it is the responsibility of the dealer to change their online pricing back to the standard price once the sale period ends.

Any dealer offering our products below our IMAP price may be immediately have their account suspended and all in-house orders cancelled.


Union Home is keen to offer both individual item photography or vignette shots for use on our customers websites or in publications. Written permission is required for the use of all Union Home images, copy or trademarks. Please contact your Sales Representative or our Customer Service Department for more information.



Business to business shipping assumes that the receiving party has a loading dock. In some instances, a tailgate or a ramp can be requested but additional charges will apply. Under no circumstances does a home-based business or construction site qualify as a business to business delivery.

Union Home may suggest carriers and provide freight quotes; however it is essential to note that this is offered as a service and in no way suggests any liability on the part of Union Home. A customer may choose any carrier that they wish to use, with the conditions as listed below.


Union Home only recommends specialist furniture carriers to deliver their products. Under no circumstances will we suggest using a common carrier, or a carrier that requires palletization.

In the event that a customer chooses to use their own third party carrier, all responsibility and liability for the shipment is assumed by the customer and their carrier from the time of pickup at the Union Home warehouse. If a customer chooses a common carrier, all warranties are immediately void.


Customers are able to pick up directly from our distribution facility. We require a minimum of 72 hours to ensure that orders are ready. Due to the volume of pickups from our facility, we cannot be responsible for driver wait times.

Unfortunately Union Home is not able to keep pulled orders on their docks indefinitely and thus when a pickup date is agreed, Union Home with automatically invoice the shipment after a 24 hour period.


Union Home has negotiated freight rates with several carriers, though customers can select any carrier that they prefer. We will provide approximate freight quotes for all shipments, though freight is always billed Collect. For freight quotes please contact brian@unionhomefurniture.com.

Our standard freight rates are based upon shipping dock to dock only and assume easy access for a 53ft. trailer. Any other arrangements will need to be made by the customer with the carrier.


In order to hit the carrier’s freight minimum, it is usually necessary to ship $1,500 in value per shipment depending on your location. This is based upon the average value per-cubic-foot of our product.


Union Home is able to offer quotations for drop ship and residential deliveries, but please note: specific warranty and claim terms apply.




The freight contract is between the carrier and the receiving party and thus Union Home is not able to intervene in freight related claims.

In order to avoid issues, it is essential that the customer carefully looks over the outside of the shipping boxes for signs of trauma. If there are any signs of damage (including creases, rips, tears, holes, punctures, crushed corners etc.) it is essential that “Damaged” is clearly noted on the POD (Proof of Delivery) no matter how minor the damage may appear.

If any items are missing, make sure that the item number/s are noted on the POD, so the carrier locate the piece and you can make a full claim should the item/s not be found. Once the POD is signed and the driver has departed, it is no longer possible to claim for missing items.


Claims for manufacturer’s defect should be made by contacting jake@unionhomefurniture.com. We will forward you a Claims Form which must be completed and returned to us with images of the damage.

Merchandise deemed to be defective may be inspected by an authorized representative of Union Home in your territory, and a local repair may be authorized at our discretion. If it is not feasible to inspect or repair locally, a replacement will be offered based upon images provided. When a replacement is offered, we will require, at our discretion, that the damaged piece is either available to be returned to us, or donated to a local charity. A credit for the damaged item cannot be issued until the item is returned to us or a donation receipt is received. All returned items must be packaged in such a way as to avoid additional damage.

Should Union Home require an item to be returned to us, we will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization Form (RMA), which must be attached to the item on its return. No items will be accepted at any of our facilities without an RMA.

Returns will not be accepted against an item that has already had a credit issued against it to be kept on an “as-is” basis and/or if the item has been repaired locally or altered from its original state.


All sales are final and Union Home does not accept returns due to dealer error or buyer’s remorse. If Union Home does accept the return of an undamaged item, a 25% restocking fee will be charged. Should the item be returned with any damage, Union Home will not accept the item or issue a credit, thus it is advised that the customer take out appropriate insurance and package the product to the carrier’s standard.


With 25 years of experience, Union Home has a great track record of producing quality furniture and we do our utmost to ensure all products are free of defects. As with all handcrafted solid wood furniture, there can be variations in texture and finish. 

Environmental elements such as relative humidity can cause wood to expand and contract. This is normal and we take great care to construct our furniture in a manner that allows this to occur. Under drastic temperature changes, cracks may sometimes appear; however, this is a very rare occurrence. Damage claims of this nature will be assessed on an individual basis if they are received within our warranty period.

To maintain the look of your furniture for many years to come, it is essential to use coasters and placemats and avoid placing hot items directly onto surfaces. Claims for damage caused under these circumstances will not be accepted.

All measurements listed in our catalogue and website are approximate.  Items may vary in color and texture from images shown. We are able to supply finish swatches prior to purchase if required.


Union Home offers a limited one-year warranty from the date of original purchase from Union Home, against manufacturing defects. Should an item be defective, Union Home will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the item at no cost to the dealer, excluding freight costs. Union Home does not accept any other liability for incidental damages, including but not limited to, labor costs or loss of profits. Union Home does not accept liability for any damages due to incorrect dimensions, descriptions or the photographic representation of items shown online or in printed materials. Union Home does not offer any warranty on its items if used in any type of commercial environment, unless specifically agreed to in writing.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change. Union Home LLC reserves the right to alter, change or modify this agreement at any time without prior notice.