How it works?

The minimum order quantity is a 20 foot container. The cubic meter that loads in a 20 foot container is 25 CBM. The cubic meter that loads in a 40 foot container is 56 CBM. The cubic meter that loads in a 40 HC container is 65 CBM. Select the product you want to order along with QTY. The taskbar inside the shopping cart will reflect the value of the order and running total of CBM. You should order closest to the loadability of the container capacity listed above.

How do I benefit?
You are buying direct from our factory at the same price as our larger retailers. The minimum order quantity is as low as one piece per style. You save on travel cost, sourcing cost and product development  expenses. You are working with a fully compliant factory with over 25 years experience. Efficiency of cost of production is passed directly on to you. No multi location docking and handling costs. Save on international travel costs. Zero corporate overhead costs with direct sourcing. 
What happens if product is damaged?
We will give a discount on any transport damage on sharing of picture at the time of receiving. We give a 1 year warranty for all our product against manufactured defects. We will replace/refund any genuine damage on presentation of pictures of product and original packaging.     
What is the MOQ per product need to order?
MOQ is only 1 piece per product.
Minimum order size to qualify for FOB India price?
One 20 foot container load of product .
How do I know if I have ordered a 20 foot container of products?
Click on the cart icon it will show value and CBM of your selection.
How do I pay for the ordered goods?
You pay 40% advance by any acceptable card or wire transfer from your bank . Balance 60% has to be paid at the time of presentation of on board bill of lading. 
Is there a product warranty?
Yes, we give a 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.